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I’m Stephanie, the owner and creative energy behind Joymark Studio. I created this stationery brand as a means of encouraging deeper connections between people through greeting cards, paper goods, and artful gifts. In our digital age, I love illustrating and lettering tangible goods that become cherished keepsakes and sentimental artifacts for years to come. My messages are heartfelt and genuine whether it’s for someone celebrating a huge milestone or navigating profound grief. No matter what, I aim to help others feel seen, known, and anchored in hope as they journey through the beautiful and brutal moments of life.

Most days you can find me balancing the joys of motherhood and the hustle of running a business, whether it’s taking care of my precocious daughter and adopted dog, while venturing between coffee shops and playgrounds, or selling my products at local pop-ups around Lancaster County, PA. Hearing heartwarming stories and witnessing the impact of my work on the lives of others is a constant source of motivation. I hope you find something that resonates with you!

For the full back story (like where I got the name Joymark Studio) feel free to read this feature article Canvas Rebel wrote about me and my business.

A Bit More About Me

FAVORITE DRINK: Lavender latte

IN MY FREE TIME: I'm a mom & small business owner, what's free time?!

CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Proof to Product podcast or Spotify playlists

GUILTY PLEASURES: Romcoms & Home Renovation shows

FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: Crafting with my daughter, Date nights with my husband, Friends + coffee shops, Reading fictional novels, Adventures in new cities


CURRENTLY READING: Field Notes for the Wilderness by Sarah Bessey

HOW I MET MY HUSBAND: In's a good story :)

Joymark Studio creates unique stationery for modern gift lovers who love celebrating their friends and family. Here you’ll find special-occasion, inspirational, grief affirmation, empathy, or vintage-inspired stationery and fashionable gifts. Whether you’re looking for graduation cards, romantic gifts, bereaved parent support or friendship stationery — there are thoughtful gifts for everyone in every season.

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