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You only get one shot at a first impression. Your visual brand is a crucial element to the success of your business or mission. From a signature logo, to colors and type, your brand starts with how you "look", but carries even more impact when it's in perfect sync with your overall story and messaging. 

I work closely with each client to refine current styles and/or develop assets from scratch to present a harmonious package that is easy to understand and implement by everyone on your team. 

Ready to create an effective, compelling, & impactful brand?

Where do we begin?

First we discuss the desired styles and tone that will work in tandem with where you're coming from and where you're going as a company or organization (your big, scary, audacious goals).

From there a creative brief is fine-tuned to act as the launch pad for the brand aesthetic. Then the fun begins!

What is included?

Your brand identity will include a signature logo, alternate logo mark, icons, custom color palette, fonts, recommended messaging and/or tagline, and any supporting a-la-carte elements (i.e. stock photography, custom pattern, packaging design, etc.) 

How do I put it to use?

Once the assets are completed, a brand guide is finalized to ensure continuity in the application of all elements across print and digital platforms.

You will receive a PDF guide along with all assets in the most popular and easy-to-use file formats in a compressed folder or shared Dropbox link.

How much will it cost?

As a freelance professional, I am able to offer extremely competitive rates without sacrificing quality.

I have standard packages starting at $2,000 available based on the most common needs, along with a-la-carte options. Contact me to discuss more details and to request an estimate.

Let's grab (a virtual) coffee!

I would love to hear from you and pick your brain. Please send me an inquiry for design services using the form below, and include as much detail as you know about your project:

  • Your website
  • Background & Objectives
  • Target audience
  • Intended timeline
  • Creative considerations
  • Pain points with current brand
  • Deliverables needed

*Completing this form does not guarantee a business partnership or contract for services

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